Friday, January 9, 2015

Wig Review: Misaki Cosplay Wig

Happy belated holidays everyone!

Here I am once again with a new batch of wigs to review. I'll post them as soon as I can, so stay tuned!

Anyways, here's my second time with this wig brand since my first experience with this one was more than words could explain! You can read my review of it here: Misaki Cosplay Wig

Cosmic Bytes Cosplay Shop is the distributor of this wig brand here at Philippines. They're one of the famous facebook shop in the local cosplay community because of their huge on-hand stocks of wigs and reasonable prices.

I don't usually get my wigs from them since I'm still forever loyal to Lucaille brand (for short wigs only) and I'm usually seen hovering around taobao in search of the perfect wig for my character.

But then that's not the case for this one. I was in the convention with my buddies when I decided to get an Aoba wig. I saw this one and at one glance I said "I'll take it!". I'll explain it below as to why,


Wig Details:
Length: 60 cm
Color: Gradient Blue

Did I like it?
Since I already had an experience with this wig brand, I obviously have high hopes for this.
And I was not disappointed at all!

As always, the wig was really thick, half soft and rough fibers and the wig cap size fits me comfortably.

The long part of the wig is not a clip-on, which I didn't really mind since it wouldn't fall off by accident or pull off the inner net cap into destruction.

It's also very soft and silky! So it is easily manageable and I could easily untangle it with just my fingers.

The upper part of wig is a mix of soft and rough fibers which is a big plus points!
Take note of this: 
Before getting wigs, assess your character's hairstyle first! 
Since soft wigs tend to be easier to untangle and manage.
IF YOUR CHARACTER'S HAIR HAVE CURLS/WAVES: go for silky soft wigs with a little bit of roughness
Since this kind of wig fiber tends to hold up curls or waves better.
IF YOUR CHARACTER'S HAIR HAVE SPIKES: go for half rough and rough soft wigs
Since half and half wig fiber will hold up spikes better and you could easily achieve it with little wax and hairspray.
Since Seragaki Aoba have slightly spiky hairstyle, the wig's fiber quality is just perfect for my needs.

I have tried styling the wig into the side spikes without any wax and hairspray, to my surprise the styling I did stayed as is for a few minutes (about 20 minutes) before it went down.

Here's a sample of what the wig looks like under two different lights.

The wig is not entirely dark blue nor sky blue, it was a little bit in-between. And it wasn't as shiny as I was expecting but it wasn't too matte either.

The Good:
- Thick wig
- Easily managed
- Big cap size (which fitted my large size head perfectly)
- Half rough and half soft fiber

The Bad:
- Slight shine in flash photography

This wig brand is still on my 'love-list', since I haven't been disappointed from it. Price-wise this wig is also not bad.

I got this for P990 which is really cheap considering this is a long wig. Wigs with those length are usually in the range of P950 - P1150.
I am sure to buy wigs from this brand again!
More pictures:

Thank you for reading! I would love to hear your comments and suggestions!
Till the next review/post!

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