Monday, October 13, 2014

Wig Review: Fantasy Sheep

A much awaited review from a world famous wig brand: Fantasy Sheep.

Now let's see what's the craze is about~


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Wig Details:
Length: 35 cm
Color: Coral Pink

So here's a picture I took when I just got my wig (which was last year). And as you can see the wig looks the same color as the one in their website. But then again, I had almost all lights on my room and took a picture with my external flash.

Did I like it?
A part of me has high expectations of this wig brand, since all I heard about it was positive reviews. I got the 35cm short spiked wig and was expecting it to be a good rival for 35cm Lucaille.

But alas!

I was slightly disappointed...

First off a positive remark, the way the wig spiked naturally was good. I liked how they cut and styled the wig, it was true to the picture posted on their website. I didn't need to use wax to style it anymore.

It being heat resistant was a plus point too!

The wig is not even shiny at all! It was very matte and looked almost naturally physically and in photographs!

The size of the cap was not as big as Lucaille, but it was a slightly tight fit on me since my head size is 23 inches. I didn't mind it too much, but wearing it for the whole day can be a bit uncomfortable.

Now for the part that I didn't like, the color was way way way off from the one showed in their website (take note I viewed the photo using mac screen and an acer monitor). They showed a photo with and without flash and under room lighting. It was 1 shade darker than what I was expecting.

So take note, if you're getting a wig from Fantasy Sheep consider the fact that the actual product will be 1 shade darker (or slightly darker).

The wig fibers aren't rough, but aren't soft either. So styling it won't be too hard. But rougher fibers make styling less of a hassle.

It was slightly thin, which I didn't mind since it's not obvious unless thoroughly inspected.


Bought from:
F.L.Y Cosplay Shop
(Highly recommended for their reasonable prices and amazing service!)

The Good:
- Thick wig (but not as thick as Lucaille)
- Easily managed
- Big cap size (which fitted my large size head perfectly)

The Bad:

Overall, I would personally not get short wigs from this brand since I could get the same quality for a lower price from other brands. But since there are times when the shade you want isn't available on other brands but here, then I guess it wouldn't hurt to go with Fantasy Sheep. Don't get me wrong, quality wise it's a really good wig. It's just the price...

I would love to give this brand another shot.

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