Saturday, April 27, 2013

Make-up Tutorial : Cosplay Male Lips

Hey there!

I'm here with another cosplay make up tutorial.

Some characters (majority male characters) look good when you conceal your lips. But when you fully conceal your lips it gives the look of being "too dull". 

So I made a tutorial on how you could make it more "alive" and how to keep your lips looking the same for a long period of time (this doesn't mean this tutorial will save you from "food-removing-my-make-up" problem).

1. Moisturize your lips! Never forget. NEVER! Use your favorite lip balm. Petroleum Jelly works too, but it depends on you if you like it. It tastes awful by the way. But it still does the job well. This will make your lips more smooth and would prevent from drying out from the make-up.

2. Using your foundation (I prefer the stick ones because it's convenient to use), apply it evenly onto your lips. Don't worry about getting some on to the outer part of your lips.

3. Blend the foundation onto your lips.

4. Using a powder foundation, pat it to your lips. Just pat it gently until it builds up. I've put about 3 layers of foundation.

6. Pat a generous amount of pressed powder onto your lips.

7. Using a red lip stain, apply onto the inner parts of your upper and lower lips. Make sure to blend it well. Keep on applying it until desired effect is achieved.

8. Blend it well to your lips and there you go! All done. If the color  comes out too strong just apply powder foundation over it.

There you go folks! Hope this tutorial will help you a lot!
Feel free to leave comments/questions below :D


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