Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to Conceal Eyebrows

Hey there! I'm back again with another post.

Eyebrows are one of the most common things that some cosplayers forget to tend/fix/color whenever they cosplay.


Coloring them the same color as your wig is important
(Cases may vary depending on your characters eyebrow style and color)

Some people prefer to shave their eyebrows thinly or completely just so they could color it more easily. But if you're like me and doesn't like to shave bushy eyebrows away, this method could be incredibly useful for you.

There are two methods on how you could conceal your eyebrows away. First is the glue method and the other one is spirit gum method. I prefer to use the glue method for one concrete reason: GLUE IS CHEAPER THAN SPIRIT GUM. To those who doesn't know what spirit gum is, it is a glue used for theatrical make up or special effects make up. It's a super strong glue and INCREDIBLY expensive. Glue are easier to find and easier to remove. But the glue method takes more time and patience.

Alright here's a step by step tutorial on how you could conceal your eyebrows so you could color and style them more easily.

What you'll need:

- Glue Stick
- Concealer (Creme concealers are preferred)
- Foundation (Stick/Creme foundation and powder foundation)
- Pressed powder (loose powder are okay to use)
- Mascara Brush (CLEAN)
- Plastic Spoon/Stick or anything you could use to scrap off the glue

1. Prepare your face. If you are suffering from oily face, you could wear your primer. Or if you have dry face, wear your moisturizer.

2. Using a glue stick, apply a thin layer of glue on your eyebrows. (Probably apply it three times on your eyebrows). Let it dry a bit, just a little bit.

3. With your mascara brush (CLEAN OKAY), brush your hairs downwards.

4. Apply another 2-3 layers of glue. Then let it dry COMPLETELY.

5. This is how it would look like after drying. Since the glue dries transparent, you'll know when the glue is completely dried.

6. Using a spoon/stick or anything you could use to scrape the glue off, apply a heaping layer of glue on your eyebrows then EVEN IT OUT. You could use your fingers to flatten out the glue completely if you like.

7. Let it dry COMPLETELY. Like I said, once the glue turns transparent you'll know that's it's already dry.

8. Patt a few 2-3 layers of powder to your eyebrows. This process will remove the sticky touch. This will help the application of concealer and foundation easier.

9. Using your creme concealer, apply layer by layer of it on your eyebrows. Using a brush could ease the application process.

10. Apply another layer of powder.

11. Apply 2-3 layers of stick foundation. Depend on how thick your foundation will coat, you could apply less/more.

12. Apply a layer of powder foundation on top. And you're done! After this process I still apply my usual cosplay make up routine (make-up base, bb cream, concealer, foundation etc.)

Here's how it would look like after apply your new eyebrow.
I'm using acrylic paint since it's water-based so it could be easily removed with water.

(Take note: I haven't applied any make up after the concealing process.)

I hope this tutorial will help you.

Comment below if you have any inquires and I will answer them ASAP.

Thank you for reading!


  1. The purpose of the glue is to keep the hairs in place. You don't need to apply HEAPING layers of it, especially that you have a medium amount of hair. One only needs to put another layer of glue when one has thicker eyebrows. The magic is not really the glue, but the concealer.

  2. I have very dark and thick brows, would that need extra layers of glue or anything??