Friday, December 14, 2012

Wig Review: The Second Nachname

Crappy shot sorry. I can't seem to get a got shot at that time :(

I think I just found my perfect brand for long wigs...

I'm so in-love with this brand! <3

Want to know why?

Read ahead ( > w < )

Wig Details:
Length: 80 cm
Color: Black

Did I like it?

I was really scared when I first opened my wig from the plastic. The issue of "tangling" started to run back and forth inside me.

But when I tried the wig on... I was actually surprised.

There was hardly any tangles when I started to move around.

And I could comb it easily too which is a plus point to me!

P  1,280 

And look at the free wig cap and free Angry Bird pen! 
So cute right?

I bought this from this shop: 

Thumbs up to the shop for the great service and very affordable price! :D

The Good:
- Thick wig (but not as thick as Lucaille)
- Accurate color based on the picture
- Easily managed
- Big cap size (which fitted my large size head perfectly)

The Bad:
- A bit shinny
- Semi-thin top part

Overall... I'm so in-love with this brand! Got a perfect replacement for my dying Lucaille wig.

I highly recommend Lucaille wig brand for short wig! It's the easiest wig to style.

But for long wigs, I highly recommend The Second Nachname wig brand. 

More pictures ( = w = )~

Not showing my face because I look tired~


  1. Hi! I have a wig from this brand and was wondering if you knew whether it was heat resistant? I'd like to make the bangs lay flatter but the back is pulled into a bun so I'd rather not go the hot water route if I don't need to. Thank you!

  2. The shop is gone. Do you know if they moved to another page or did they just close down completely?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.