Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wig Review: Ghost Cos

Original Wig Picture (I don't own this picture)

Wig Details:
Length: 35 cm
Color: Brown

Did I like it?
Generally this wig reminds me a lot of Lucaille (my review Lucaille Wig Review), but this one's a whole lot softer than Lucaille. It's thick and easily managed. 

I trimmed the wig since the bangs on the side *points at the picture above* is a bit long on me. And as you can see the wig wasn't styled with bangs which saddened me a little. 

P850 ( Original Price: P900. There's a shop promo.) 

I bought this from this shop: 

I have a picture of the top part of the wig ( = w = ). Just scroll down to see :3.

The Good:
- Thick wig
-Accurate color based on the picture
-Easily managed
-Big cap size (which fitted my large size head perfectly)

The Bad:
- Strands fall down easily
- Top part is thin

Overall, I was thinking of buying a long wig from this brand but from the looks of their short wig I might not try it. If only the strands(hair) didn't fall down easily ( > ^ < ).

A must try for those who are planning to buy short wigs but tight on budget.

More pictures ( = w = )~

(With Flash)

(See what I'm telling earlier!!  >_< )

When worn :D

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