Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taobao Wig Shops (OCT 2014 UPDATED)

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One of the first thing you need when cosplaying (next to the costume) is the wig. So a lot of cosplayers invest a lot on good quality wigs. 90% of the wigs available in the Philippine market are from Taobao.

What is TAOBAO?
To put it in simpler terms, it's a Chinese equivalent of eBay, Amazon.

Taobao doesn't only offer cosplay supplies (wig, shoes, costumes accessories etc), they sell almost anything you can think of.

Here's the link: Taobao

Many are looking for wig brands to try. Lucaille, Grand Young and Fantasy Sheep might be one of the best known but there are A LOT more brands that are actually good.

I made a list of the Taobao.com wig shops that I currently know of. Feel free to comment if you know any other wig shops~

Here are some Facebook Shops that caters Taobao wig orders (Philippines Based):
F.L.Y Online Cosplay Shop
Harajuku in Manila
Emerie Coser Shoppe
Denzuke Emporium

Note: Open the links using Google Chrome since the site is in full chinese. The browser will automatically translate the page into English.

Lucaille Taobao Shop

 [MY REVIEW: Review (Short Wig) ]

Fantasy Sheep - http://fantasysheep.taobao.com/
 [MY REVIEW: Review (Short Wig) ]

The Second Nachname - http://http://xiangyejia.taobao.com/

[ MY REVIEW: Review (Long Wig) ]

[ MY REVIEW: Review (Short Wig) ]

[ MY REVIEW: Review (Long Wig) ]

Yi Cheng Hua Lan (not sure if this is the right brand name) - http://you-to.taobao.com/

There you go folks! Hope this list will help you in your Taobao wig search :3


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  2. can you teach me how to order from taobao to Philippines? :|

    1. Hi :) When I purchase from taobao I usually seek the help from Facebook shops since I don't have a chinese paypal/ chinese bank account.

      Here are the FB shops if you're interested:

      Just send the fb shop a pm; which contains the link of the taobao item you want to purchase/inquire the price.

      Hope this helps! :D

  3. i shiped at alpaca
    they are AMAZING <3

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  5. I was looking for shop links in Taobao cause I have no bookmarks here saved in my mobile then I cam across this, thank you for trusting us enough to recommend us to your followers! Much love Yume˜

  6. Thanks for this Twin~ ;u;
    You're a life saver-- <3

  7. hi sissies ,
    i do also own a shop that caters TAOBAO items :)
    feel free to visit:

  8. hi, since nirecommend po ung mga link na to means legit sila diba? uhmm, nagorder kasi ako sa lollipop nung feb 13 pa pero hanggang ngayon wla pa ung order ko. Kinakabahan na kasi ako eh

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