Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Make-up Review: Mac Studio Finish Concealer

Product Name: Mac Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35
Shade: NC20
Net Weight: 7g / 24 US OZ
Price: Php 800 - Php 900

This concealer is the best one I've used so far.

You know why?

Well read ahead to find out ( = w = ).

Did I liked it?

I've tried numerous brands of concealer, but this one have been able to live up to my expectations. I consider three factors before I could say that the concealer is for me:

- Coverage
- Lasting power
- "Will this broke me out?"

There are other minor factors like SPF, price, grams etc... but if the concealer really does the job of 'concealing' imperfections, then I don't mind spending just a little bit for it.

My eye bags aren't that worse but I have a few discoloration in my face (acne scar and small birthmarks) and this concealer solves 80% of those problem of mine.

As you know, cosplay make-up requires full-coverage make-up so this baby really is my life saver. This lasts on my face the whole despite my skin being a combination type. And the fact that this is a creme based concealer yet it doesn't break me out impressed me more.

It's very easy to blend out too which is a plus point!

I've been using this for almost 6 months now, and it's not even half way empty.

So even though this cost around P800-P900 each, but will last you for almost a year. It may be pricey but if you're a frequent user of concealers, then this one is a really great steal! ( > w < )

The Bad ( = ^ = )

Personally, I don't have much complaints about this concealer. But if I think about the factors carefully, there are bad points to this one:

- Price
Not all could actually afford to buy Php800 - Php900 concealer in one go. There are a lot of cheaper concealers that might cater their individual needs.

- Smell
The smell doesn't bother me, but some might be actually bothered by it. Let me describe the smell to those who are wondering: it kinda smells like an Ever Bilena lipstick... an old lipstick. But the smell doesn't stay once you applied it, so I think it's not of a big deal.

- Breakouts
Different people have different reactions when it comes to make-up product/brands. Like me, I break out 50% at a time whenever I use mineral make-ups. Since this concealer is creme-based, there are people who might have a break out on this.

This one contains high SPF (spf 35) the reflectivity issue during photographs may bring concern/s.

Without ( > _ < )

With Mac concealer ( * w * ) Look how it brightened up my eyes! <3

Final Verdict?
Highly recommended to those peeps who are in need of medium to full coverage concealer! This lasted me the whole day too! So I highly recommend it to cosplayers who are in need of a good quality concealer. The price isn't much of a problem if you know that this would last you a long long time right?

If you have tried this concealer, feel free to comment your experiences about it :3


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