Monday, February 27, 2012

Wig Review: Grand Young

Wig Details
-Length: 30-35cm (Can't remember)
-Color: Brown

Did I liked it?

Overall, I'm really in love with this brand. From my experience, the short wigs are really thick while the longer ones are a bit thin. But I didn't mind the thickness problem, as long as it's easy to manage and heat resistant then I'm fine with it. 

I would like to point out things I've noticed after seeing, touching and wearing it.

The Good:
-Really thick
-Adjustable wig cap (fits my big head comfortably)
-Easy to manage
-Not too much shine
-Heat resistant

The Bad:
-Strands too soft. I'm having a hard time styling it. 

I don't mind the softness, since the characters that I cosplay doesn't require dramatic styles.  

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