Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trusted Shops

Here are the list of the shops that I trust 100%
These are shops that I had transactions in the past and I'm going to tell why I trust them so much.

Online wig/anime related shops:

The very first online shop I've bought from. At first I was hesitant about buying items online because of spammer issues, but she proved me wrong. Ate Johara (the owner) is a really good seller, I never had problem about transacting with her. Her shop sells a wide variety of wig brands, and all of the brands she sells are high quality ones. I had some problems with the wig I bought before, one time my wig got lost on one of LBC branches and Ate couldn't find it. So she actually got me a new wig (for free) just to compensate for the lost package. I was really touched and happy about what she did, so I'll give her a big salute.

I really like this shop. The seller is quick with answering inquires and easy to negotiate with. I never had any bad experiences not even once with this shop. Her prices are reasonable and the PROMOS! I love wig promos! I could save 200-300 pesos for each wig. I like this shop when I'm in a desperate need of a wig. Her services are fast and reliable. She also accepts meet-ups which I think is easier for some buyers. I'm sure to buy wigs from her in the future.

Tailor shop:

Ynnok's the best dress shop I've been to! No questions asked. Tita Koni (the owner) is very friendly and would give helpful information about coslaying. The costumes she make are top quality and very accurate. All of the costumes I have (made at this shop) still looks brand new. If you're on a tight budget, you can negotiate the price to compensate with your budget. But still, the costume is on the best quality. 

This post might get updated if I would find another shop that I truly trust.
For now, hope this post would help deciding on what shop to go to next time. 

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